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About ElderGuard Insurance Agency

ElderGuard Insurance Agency was started by estate planning attorney, William Jennings.  Our agency is a family-owned business that was started to help seniors and their loved ones sort through the confusion of choosing the right Medicare, life, and related insurance coverage.

As an estate planning attorney, William witnessed how medical and funeral bills could financially wreck a family. He entered the insurance industry with the goal of helping families find ways to avoid that fate.

We know that it can be difficult for older adults, or those with disabilities, to navigate all of the decisions they need to make about healthcare. That’s why we exist: To simplify these decisions by providing clear guidance on Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, prescription drug coverage (Part D), supplemental insurance (Medigap), long-term care insurance (LTCI), and more.

If you’re a senior, it’s time to get an independent agent who cares and understands! You deserve the peace of mind knowing you have support in case something goes wrong. We specialize in protecting seniors against financial loss due to health care costs, long-term care expenses, or death.

"As an estate planning attorney, I witnessed how medical and funeral bills could financially wreck a family. I started ElderGuard Insurance Agency with the goal of helping seniors find ways to avoid that fate."

William L. Jennings, JD


The Legendary Griffin:
A Symbol of Protection

The legendary griffin is the perfect symbol for protecting our elders. The fierce, powerful creature has been a part of human history since ancient times and is often used to represent power, strength, courage, nobility, vigilance and watchfulness.


As we age into our twilight years with more physical frailty – it’s important that we have people who are like griffins watching out for us.


For ElderGuard Insurance Agency, the griffin is the perfect symbol as we strive to act with courage and strength, wisdom and guardianship for those that we serve as clients.

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We can work with you, personally, or with your retirees and/or employees for Medicare. Let us assist you with insurance questions, explain your available options, analyze costs and benefits, recommend a plan that meets your needs and suits your budget, and covers your doctors and hospitals.

Getting connected with us is easy. Click on “Schedule Your Meeting Now“, complete the form and we will reach out to you. We can assist you either over the phone or online!

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