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Hospital Indemnity: Shield Your Savings

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Don't Let A Hospital Stay Drain Your Savings Account

A hospital stay can be outrageously expensive!

For starters, Original Medicare doesn’t cover all of the costs associated with hospital stays.  Next, there are many other costs that come along with being hospitalized. Last, if you have a high-deductible Medicare plan, then your out-of-pocket expenses could be significant – especially if you go out of network or stay in the hospital longer than expected. All of these costs add up quickly. Imagine the extra stress this will place on your finances if you don’t have insurance to help with these additional expenses.

A hospital indemnity policy is one way to protect yourself from unexpected medical bills.  It also helps saves money on premiums by paying lower monthly rates compared to some Medicare Supplemental insurance plans.


Hospital Indemnity policies will reimburse some or all of your eligible medical expenses after you’ve meet certain deductible requirements (i.e., daily benefit amount). These policies usually don’t require an exam or any health questions either so they are easy to get coverage with!


That’s why hospital indemnity insurance can be a good fit for many seniors.  But, it’s hard to speak in specifics when it comes to hospital indemnity plans. This is because each plan covers a different set of circumstances and features. Rest assured, there’s no need for worry as this can help you find the plan that fits your unique situation!


Contact us and let’s work together to find a hospital indemnity plan that meets your goals and budget. There’s really no need to put your savings at risk.

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